New “30A” knife by DoubleS redefine precision

In the realm of horse hooves cutting tools, DoubleS has always been a pioneer. Their latest marvel, the “30A” from the Loop Deluxe line, tailored for both right and left-handed users, truly embodies their inspiring motto: “Beyond Limits”.

This masterpiece is not just about cutting; it’s about revolutionizing the experience, and here are some of its winning features:

  • Ergonomic Excellence
    Crafted for ultimate comfort, the 30A ensures strain-free, precise cuts, minimizing hand fatigue.
  • Featherlight Laminar Wood
    A game-changer in grip technology, this handle is not only incredibly lightweight but also exudes elegance.
  • Superior Quality Blades
    Designed with high-grade metals, every blade promises seamless, effortless cuts and long-lasting sharpness.

In essence, the “30A” isn’t just another hoof knife; it’s our commitment to horse hoof care excellence. Whether you’re a professional farrier or a horse enthusiast, experience hoof trimming that truly goes Beyond Limits.”

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