Our mission? Creating innovative horseshoes that compete on a global scale. With high-quality products, unique designs, and continuous innovation, we’ve become a worldwide name.

Embracing renewable energy, we’re proud of our self-sufficiency, thanks to our solar and wind systems. We’re deeply rooted in our community, offering local job opportunities and fostering talent development.

With a growing global presence and a dedicated team of 24, Double “S” is not only reshaping horseshoeing, but also shaping the future of our community and industry.



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Born from the passion of the Schelfi brothers in 1993, Double "S" has its roots in Brentonico's picturesque landscapes. A deep love for horses, fostered by our father Luigino, shaped Marco's international farriery career, and together with Leonardo's entrepreneurial flair, brought Double "S" to life.
In 2005, we patented an interchangeable horseshoe for endurance riding.
In 2006, we installed a 50 KWp dual-axis solar tracking system. Marco Schelfi proudly served as the official farrier for the English team at the World Championships in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain (2002), and in Aachen, Germany (2006). He also provided technical support for the Austrian team at the 2014 World Championships in Normandy.
In 2010, our new production facility was recognized as one of the first buildings in energy class A+.
In 2013, the Double “S” team participated in the WCBC World Championships in Calgary.
In 2014, we built an 800 KWp wind farm in Irpinia.
In 2017, we expanded our photovoltaic system to achieve a total of 180 KWh of renewable energy.
In 2020, Double “S” participated in the Montagna Call (Notice 3/2020) managed by Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises’ development projects in mountain areas. Out of 148 applications, 60 were admitted and Double “S” was among the deserving companies, receiving a significant contribution to invest in production.
In 2022, along with other Trentino companies, we were selected by the University of Trento and Hub Innovation Trentino for a study on the most advanced projects. Among six finalists, we won third place thanks to our anti-shock hammer project, which reduces vibrations by 33%.
In 2023, Double “S” is celebrating its 30th anniversary, marking a new milestone as we look forward to the future.
Double S continues its research and market innovation activities, introducing new products to make the farrier's work simpler and more effective. Discover the new products in your zone: Other countries, America.